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f.a.q. (frequently asked questions)

can i use your work on my site?

i love sharing my work! but i do ask that, if you choose to share it, you do so kindly. please do not re-publish full recipes  from this blog without explicit permission. you may, however, use one photo with a link back to this site and the page where it originally appeared, with appropriate credit.

is this your full-time job?

no, though i admit that a little sadly. as much as i'd love to stay at home and cook and experiment and write recipes and take photos all day, i work full-time elsewhere. which, if you've noticed, is why this blog doesn't always get updated as often as i'd like. if you see a little gap between new recipes or posts, it's just because the 9-5/regular life has gotten momentarily CRAZY. apologies in advance, but i'm a normal human who works 50-60 hours a week, and sometimes i just can't keep up!

how did you get so into food?

honestly, to me it seems the most natural thing in the world, though i know others can find it a little much at times. but how is everyone else in the world not this obsessed with food? what one other thing so essential to our general, everyday existence can still bring so much happiness and joy and such a strong sense of community? food, i love you, and i know this relationship is going to be a lifelong one.

why are you so totally obsessed with pork?

i have tried other meats. i like other meats. but pork, pork is...well. i honestly don't really know how you can go for anything else when there's some form of pig on the table. if i had to pick someone to blame for my preoccupation with pig products, i'd blame the southern side of my family. as an example of their all-around appreciation for this unctious, utterly scrumptious meat, i'll share one quick anecdote:i

when i moved into my very own apartment for the first time –my first place not only without parents but also without roommates, entirely my own –my nashville-based "cool" aunt sent me a slow cooker as a housewarming present. of course, i had to tell her the first thing i made in it (a pork shoulder), and her immediate response was, "well i knew god was just kidding when she made you a yankee!"

so there it is. apparently, my love of pork means my stomach really is southern, no matter what part of the country i choose to call home.

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