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lemony spring pea dip with ricotta and mint

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spring is finally, finally here! and i couldn't be happier (she had me a little worried there for a minute..or a month). but it doesn't matter now. now that the sun is shining and my huge, puffy, fur-lined coat is put away for good, it's time to celebrate with a light, creamy, totally refreshing treat. this dip basically tastes like springtime in a bowl, it takes about 5 minutes to throw together, and it's just so good. i've made this for casual little cocktail parties, a friend's wedding shower, even my culinary school graduation–and it's always a hit. even my dad likes it, and he's claimed to hate peas for last 40 years (so you know i'm not lying–this stuff is really good)!

eat like a dip with pita chips, spread it on toast and serve it up like crostini, toss it with warm pasta for an instant sauce, or mix it into your favorite hummus–whether it's store-bought or homemade, a few tablespoons of this sauce will jazz it right up!



1 clove garlic, peeled, root end removed

1½ ounces (about 2½ cups) fresh mint leaves, rinsed, dried, and plucked from their stems

1 cup blanched green peas

¼ cup + 1 tablespoon ricotta cheese

1 tablespoon freshly grated lemon zest (from about 2 lemons)

freshly squeezed juice of 1 lemon

½ teaspoon sea salt

¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper


how to do it:

1. blanch the peas by cooking in a pot of boiling, unsalted water for 1-2 minutes. when just tender, turn off the heat, drain, and rinse them in cold water until cooled (or dump them into a bowl of ice water and drain again before using).

2. add all ingredients to the bowl of a food processor and blend until well mixed and dip reaches your preferred consistency. (if you have a small food processor, you may have to split the ingredients in half and blend in two batches, then mix the batches together in a large bowl).

and yes...that's seriously it. you're only two steps and about 5 minutes away from springtime deliciousness.

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